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If you know me I am overly obsessed with both Tel Aviv and food. The food scene in Tel Aviv is outrageous and it’s not slowing down anytime soon. I have visited Tel Aviv 10+ times and moved here permanently in 2019 and my list keeps growing, living here for four years now.

I decided to make this extensive guide (so many years, visits and pictures in the making) because the lists were getting too long in my FULL Tel Aviv Itinerary Guide and to help answer ANY question about where to eat in Tel Aviv. This includes: WHAT to eat in Israel, brunch in Tel Aviv, cafes in Tel Aviv, cheap eats and street food in Tel Aviv, casual dinner in Tel Aviv, fine dining in Tel Aviv, dessert in Tel Aviv, best spots for every specific craving, and my absolute favorite and recommended food tour in Tel Aviv. Anything you are in the mood for Tel Aviv has it and this guide will help you plan your itinerary around food and reservations like I do! Keep reading for the best restaurants and best food in Tel Aviv. *I will keep updating this list as I keep trying more restaurants during my time living in Tel Aviv*

Disclosure: This Israel Tel Aviv Food Guide may contain affiliate links. I may receive commissions for purchases made through links in this post. As always, all opinions are my own and I would never post about something I have not personally used/verified.

Must-Know Tel Aviv Food Guide Tips

  • For my full Tel Aviv travel guide and to know everything else of what to do in Tel Aviv head to my Tel Aviv travel itinerary. For Israel travel in general, where to visit when traveling to Israel, safety in Israel, head to my full Israel travel tips guide.
  • RESERVATIONS: These days post-Covid, tourists are everywhere in Tel Aviv and restaurants are packed. I highly suggest making a reservation at all of your brunch/dinner spots you want to go to well in advance of your trip or you will likely not get in. You can find almost all restaurant reservations HERE on OnTopo (and there is an English option) or Tabit (no English but easy to figure out!).
  • Travel Insurance: Unfortunately, things can and do go wrong when you travel. World Nomads offers coverage for more than 150 activities as well as emergency medical, lost luggage, trip cancellation and more. Buy at home or while traveling and claim online from anywhere in the world. We receive a fee when you get a quote from World Nomads using this link. We do not represent World Nomads. This is not a recommendation to buy travel insurance.
  • TEL AVIV PACKING LIST: Tel Aviv is insanely hot during the summer and mild in the winter! For all of my travel/packing essentials I bring on any trip compiled together, head to my page on Amazon here for a complete list or my descriptive carry-on packing guide here.


Israeli food is the absolute best. Before getting into the restaurants of WHERE to eat in Tel Aviv, you have to make sure you eat all of the Israeli food staples while visiting.

  • Hummus: Needs no introduction and once you have it in Israel you will never like store-bought brands again. Where to try it: Abu Hassan and Shlomo v Doron.
  • Falafel: Falafel is one of Israeli’s favorite street food and it is amazing here. And it’s vegetarian so it’s perfect for everyone. Usually comes in pita with a ton of other amazing vegetables. Where to try it: HaKosem, Yashka or anywhere in Shuk HaCarmel.
  • Shawarma: Shawarma is Israel’s other famous street food and is thinly sliced and cooked meat (can be chicken, beef, lamb, etc. Where to try it: Yashka.
  • Sabich: Sabich is the lesser known of all the Israeli street foods but might be my favorite one. It’s eggplant and egg served in a pita with different veggies. Where to try it: Sabich Frischman or Sabich Tchernichovsky.
  • Tahini: Tahini is also known internationally but it is exceptionally good in Israel. Also they call it ‘tahina’ here. Where to try it: Everywhere! ALWAYS ask for it on the side with everything.
  • Schnitzel: I love a good schnitzel. And Israel happens to have some of the best. Where to try it: Cafe Noir and Malka and for schnitzel sandwiches (in challah): HaShomer 1 & Java.
  • Knafeh: I was only JUST introduced to knafeh since I moved here and I’m honestly upset with myself it took this long to find out about it. Knafeh is an AMAZING traditional Middle Eastern sweet dessert of syrup-dipped pastry filled with cheese and often pistachios, ice cream and other treats on top. I’ve never eaten anything like it. Don’t sleep on it!! It’s a Midden Eastern treasure not enough people talk about. Where to try it: Yaffa Knafeh.
  • Jachnun: Traditional Yemenite pastry. Where to try it: Shuk Levinsky.
  • Shakshuka: An Israeli breakfast staple and one of my favorite dishes. Baked tomatoes with eggs inside. Have it with Challah on the side to dip. Where to try it: Shakshukia or Java.
  • Halva: An Israeli dessert that you can find ALL over the markets. Lots of sugar but melts in your mouth. I always bring it home for friends to the states. Where to try it: Shuk HaCarmel or Shuk Levinsky.
  • Malabi: This is an Israeli dessert that is super sweet and is really good (but you either love it or hate it). It’s kind of like pudding with rose water. Where to try it: HaMalabiya or on the dessert menu of most restaurants!
  • Fresh Juices/Smoothies: Fruit and produce are beyond fresh in Israel. You can find juices and smoothie stands all over the city. Where to try it: Etrogman, Tamara Juice Bar or in Shuk HaCarmel.
  • Israeli salad: Served as a side with EVERY meal, all the chopped tomatoes and cucumbers and always fresh. Where to try it: Any restaurant!
  • Arak: Israeli alcohol! You have to have shots (called chasers in Israel) of these before you leave. Don’t smell it before, trust me. Where to try it: All bars!

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Brunch and Breakfast in Tel Aviv

  • Café Xoho: My most favorite brunch spot, but if you only have a few days in Israel, this is not the spot to get traditional Israeli breakfast and brunch. It is definitely a Western brunch place. Still, my favorite. You must get the egg and cheese bagel. It’s not JUST an egg and cheese, there is a special onion jam in there that makes it unbelievable. Other things to consider are their beer bread specials. They’re SO good and always have the freshest ingredients and change weekly. Their vegan desserts are also amazing and they’re known for their ice cream cookie sandwiches. Also their Matcha smoothie. They make their own ice cream and cookies from scratch.
  • Bucke Cafe: Bucke is my other favorite brunch spot in the city. They are known for their trays of food that comes with a ton of different options and changes with fresh in-season produce. The place is super cool and hipstery. This is a must on your brunch in Tel Aviv stops and packs all the fun Israeli breakfast foods into one tray.
  • Yom Tov Cafe: Another must for brunch in Tel Aviv, Yom Tov is crowded with their outside seating everyday of the week and is the best for people watching. Yom Tov is at Shuk HaCarmel and has the freshest and most eclectic brunch menu.
  • Landwer Cafe: Famous Israeli cafe chain with an amazing Israeli breakfast spread. For a great price you can get an entire tray of Israeli breakfast foods. There are a million locations in Tel Aviv but my favorites are on the Namal and in the middle of the park on King George (Gan Meir). Also, you HAVE to get their nutella rugelach desserts, they’re famous for them.
  • Benedict Tel Aviv: Everyone loves Benedict. It’s overrated when you live here, but amazing when you’re visiting. It is very tourist and English friendly. It is also 24 hours so it is also always a good idea at 4AM. Get the eggs benedict (duh). Also their banana pancakes are the most famous.
  • L’chem V’Shut (Bread & Co.): Super local spot with amazing breakfasts and breads – when you walk in the smell of fresh bread is unreal.
  • Citizen Garden: Really cute healthy cafe with a great backyard spot to sit! Obsessed with their creative breakfast dishes and sitting outside for hours.
  • NOLA American Bakery: An American inspired brunch spot on Dizengoff based on New Orleans. The owner is from New Orleans and moved to Tel Aviv which makes me the happiest since I went to university in New Orleans.
  • Manta Ray: Fancier brunch when you are feeling boujee or want a more upscale brunch but it has an amazing brunch menu and their location is RIGHT on the sea with amazing views.
  • Mashya: Another fancier brunch in a hotel but one of the best brunch spreads I have seen and an amazing menu.
  • Java: This is my favorite local Tel Aviv spot and they have my favorite Shakshuka and Challah ever here. Also my favorite schnitzel sandwich.
  • Dallal: Another nicer sit down spot but one of my favorite spots to go for brunch in the trendy Neve Tzedek neighborhood. The space is huge and beautiful and the food is amazing.
  • Anastasia: This is for the vegans! Full vegan brunch spot with amazing smoothie bowls, vegan shakshuka and more.
  • Cafe Cucu: Newest spot on the list! Super cute brunch spot on Dizengoff Square with amazing twists on classics like Beet Hollandaise on Eggs Benedict.

Cafes in Tel Aviv

Need a tea/coffee break or just want to sit and people watch? The cafe culture is thriving in Tel Aviv. Check out some of my favorite cafes with the best coffee in Tel Aviv to hang at.

  • Nabi Yuna
  • Chachos
  • Cafelix
  • Cafe Xoho
  • Papua
  • Saga Cafe
  • Nahat Cafe
  • HOC

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Lunch, Cheap Eats & Street Food in Tel Aviv 

  • Shlomo and Doron: Amazing local hummus spot off Shuk HaCarmel with different twists on hummus. Get the shakshuka hummus or the falafel hummus!! Also make sure you eat hummus with an onion as Israelis do.
  • Miznon: World class. Eyal Shani is THE most famous Israeli chef probably in the world and Miznon is his most fast-casual. It is a street food spot and you can get anything in a pita. I get the cauliflower or minute steak pita but the chicken, meat, veggies ANYTHING is amazing. They also put so much inside of the pita (hummus, veggies, tahini, etc). You also MUST order the side of a cauliflower head. I can’t even explain why it is so unbelievably good but Shani totally changed the pita game. This isn’t as fun anymore if you are a tourist from NYC, Miami, Vienna, and more as there are tons of Miznons all over the world, but I still believe it is the best here.
  • HaKosem: Best falafel and shwarma in Tel Aviv. Truly the best you will ever ever have. They put fried eggplant inside too. Get the original falafel pita with everything in it. Must go.
  • Frishman Sabich: Best Sabich in Tel Aviv. It is right on the corner of Frischman and Dizengoff and is a small take-out place.
  • Hummus Abu HassanBest hummus in Tel Aviv. It will not disappoint. It will actually blow your mind how you ever thought any other brand packaged container is good. Must go before 2PM as they close after the daily batch finishes (that’s how fresh it is).
  • Jasmino: Super casual AMAZING pita place on Allenby. Always a line here. Best pitas with meat ever (similar to Miznon).
  • Aboulefia: Best takeaway burekas and other savory and sweet pastries (also amazing late night).
  • HaShomer 1: One of my favorite schnitzel sandwich spots right in the middle of the Shuk.

Casual Dinner in Tel Aviv

  • Port Sa’id: Same chef as Miznon and probably his most popular and by far my favorite place to eat in Tel Aviv. This is THE #1 spot I tell any visitor to go to when traveling to Tel Aviv. The food, drinks and vibe are always perfect and it is in a fun, trendy area by the Great Synagogue on Allenby. No reservations though so be prepared to wait.
  • Ha’Achim: This is one of the most standard Israeli restaurants and is consistently amazing. I would ALWAYS recommend Ha’Achim and love going here. You MUSTTTT get the artichoke dish.
  • Beit Kandinof: Amazing Israeli restaurant in the center of Jaffa. Perfect spot for big groups as well, the restaurant is massive. Also the architecture and building that this restaurant is in is pure Jaffa vibes. I always bring tourists here.
  • M25: Best meat restaurant in all of Tel Aviv. Part meat shop, part restaurant M25 sits right in Shuk HaCarmel and you quite literally pick what meat you want out of the freezer and how you want it cooked. It’s amazing. You MUST get the arayes and salad as appetizers, and the crack pie as dessert. Thank me later.
  • Old Man And The Sea: One of the most popular tourist restaurants in Tel Aviv and honestly a must-go for the experience. This is a typical Israeli restaurant in Jaffa on the port that comes with the 1 million little dishes that keep refilling. A must.
  • La Shuk: Super casual, right in the middle of the city on Dizengoff Square. Such delicious Israeli food and great prices. I love the cauliflower and eggplant dishes. Highly, highly recommend…I always brought visitors here when I lived there.
  • Romano: Another one of Eyal Shani’s masterpieces (same as Port Said, Miznon, etc). This is located on top of Teder and has the best vibes and the same amazing food. This one takes reservations if you can’t get into Port Said and is the same food!
  • Ouzeria: Amazing amazing spot in Florentine neighborhood. Fresh ingredients and middle eastern dishes. One of my newest favorite spots.
  • Café Noir: Solid restaurant, known for their schnitzel in Tel Aviv.
  • Santa Katarina: Also right behind the Great Synagogue. Really good Israeli dishes and fun crowd. Highly recommend and try to make a reservation.
  • Saluf and Sons: Traditional Yemenite small spot in the center of the Levinsky Market. Amazing amazing Yemenite dishes and fun and casual vibe. Try to sit at the bar.
  • Merloza: New casual restaurant in Shuk HaCarmel with amazing fish dishes. Love the Shuk vibe so this is great if you are going out after or want to be in the local scene, not touristy at all.
  • Onza: Amazing Georgian restaurant in Yafo.

Fine Dining in Tel Aviv

  • North Abraxas: One of my oldest, favorite restaurant. Same chef as Miznon and Port Said. Their fish is OUT OF CONTROL good. Just ask for the fish of the day. They change their menu daily BUT my recommendations (tried and tested 20+ times): Bread salad, cauliflower, steak, green beans, burning potato & zucchini pizza. And you must get the Cucumber Gin drink. You also must make a reservation here beforehand. Make sure to choose the restaurant (North Abraxas) not the bar (Abraxas Bar) when making a reservation. Though, Abraxas Bar also has similar (smaller) menu and gets rowdy later at night (my favorite bar).
  • HaBasta: One of my other favorite restaurants. Was in the top 50 Middle East restaurants of 2022. The food is always fresh and amazing and the dishes change every night. It is right in the middle of Shuk HaCarmel.
  • Malka: Another Eyal Shani restaurant and his first fully Kosher one – but don’t let that deter you. Has my most famous dish in the whole country maybe ever here – his Queen Malka dish which is schnitzel with mashed potato inside. It’s literally insane. The restaurant becomes super fun and a rowdy party during later seatings. A must.
  • Shila: One of the nicest restaurants in Tel Aviv, known for its fish dishes and amazing Israeli cuisine. Probably my favorite high-end restaurant in the city. Highly, highly recommend. They also opened a bar across the street that has a different menu and is a more casual bar but same chef.
  • George & John: One my newer favorite restaurants. Kind of in a random location in between Florentine/Jaffa but the food is truly incredible. Highly recommend for a fancy upscale restaurant.
  • Claro: Really amazing restaurant with amazing dishes at Sarona Market. Highly recommend sitting at the bar.
  • Cafe Popular Bar: Newer spot in the Old North for a super fun and good solid dinner. Make sure to reserve the downstairs bar area. The food is AMAZING. This place is super trendy and fun scene and gets really fun later at night. When my parents visited me for the first time this was their favorite of all the nice restaurants I brought them too.
  • Dalida: Really amazing Israeli restaurant right off of Shuk Levinsky and highly recommend for amazing Israeli dishes with a twist.
  • Abie: B the same chef as Ha’Achim but his fanciest restaurant and it was INCREDIBLE. Order everything, literally. Not one thing is bad. You must get the side of potatoes (trust) and the crispy fish.
  • Social Club: High quality, good vibes restaurant on Rothschild with amazing food. Get the gnocchi or the salmon dish as well as the artichokes. You must also get the special dessert (see dessert section).
  • OCD: One of the most interesting food experiences I have had in a long time. A private seating with only about 20 seats sitting around the kitchen, everyone served at the same time, about 13 courses of amazing food. Super expensive and a long evening but an awesome experience.
  • Mashya: Highly, highly recommend for a fine-dining amazing meal.
  • Topolopompo: One of the best meals I have ever had. Must make a reservation. It’s insane Asian cuisine dishes with a twist. If you only have a two or three nights in Tel Aviv I would probably stick to more Israeli centric restaurants but if you have more you must add this.
  • Taizu: One of the best restaurants for Asian food in the city.

Dessert in Tel Aviv

  • Anita/Golda Gelato: Best gelato in Israel. Anita is in Neve Tzedek right on Shabazi Street with 3 locations on the same street. It’s my favorite location but Golda is found in more locations around the city (literally every other corner) and big secret: it’s the exact same flavors, they’re owned by the same owner. Get the cookieman flavor, you won’t be disappointed. Anita also just opened their first NYC location on the UES as well!
  • Showroom Bakehouse: Amazing, amazing cookies! They are the Levain Bakery of Tel Aviv.
  • Arte Cafe: Israeli gelato spot in the middle of Nachalat Binyamin with insane flavors you would never think about ordering in ice cream – but do it. Try the bread flavor (trust me) it’s the best. This is hands down my favorite not-so-popular gelato spot.
  • Otello: New gelato spot with two locations in the city.
  • Yaffa Knafeh: If you are eating dinner in Jaffa or walking around, do not skip Yaffa Knafeh for dessert.
  • Social Club: NOT a desert place, it’s a VERY good dinner spot BUT I had to add this here because I think I had the best dessert of life here – the massive pistachio ice cream with halva on top!
  • Tamara: Best frozen yogurt in the city. They have 2 locations and then a ton of other locations for smoothies and pops but go to their froyo spots – the one on the beach is new and amazing!

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We all have serious cravings some times and in Tel Aviv you can find ANY food you possibly want in all cuisines. Here’s where you should go if you are looking for the….


  • Shuk HaCarmel: The central Tel Aviv market and the market people are usually referring to when they say they are going to “the shuk”. It has everything you could ever want from food, souvenirs, produce and more. Come here for Israeli candy, falafel, hummus, smoothies, and everything else. Always always negotiate here – once they hear English they will rip you off.
  • Shuk Levinsky: This is a different type of market with more flavors from different cultures – think Yemenite, Turkish, Greek, etc.
  • Sarona Market: This is the newest, most modern market in Tel Aviv and is an indoor/outdoor market with a ton of different restaurants and food stands within the massive complex. Good for winter since most is indoors!


I wrote about this beyond amazing tour on my general Tel Aviv itinerary but it’s worth noting again because its that amazing and it’s all about Tel Aviv’s FOOD! Delicious Israel Food Tours has different tour options to learn and taste the different Israeli foods. I could not recommend this tour more. I did the Market Hop tour which went to both Shuk Carmel and Shuk Levinsky and I LOVED it. I had visited Tel Aviv 8+ times before and thought I knew Israeli food – but I still learned SO much on this tour and tried so many new foods between the two Shuks. I can honestly, whole-heartedly say this was the ABSOLUTE BEST food tour I have EVER taken. It is a MUST-DO when visiting Tel Aviv no matter what. I would take any tour that fits your schedule/budget as I know they all are AMAZING. You must book in advance – it does sell out. I had to book two months in advance!


*Thanks to Inbal for inviting me on the Delicious Israel Market Hop food tour! While I did receive this tour as a gift, my review and experience is, as always, 100% personal and honest*

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Did I miss one of your favorite restaurants in Tel Aviv or best food in Tel Aviv? Let me know in the comments for my next visit! See my general Tel Aviv Travel Guide and Israel travel guide to know what to expect when visiting Israel!

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new york city bottomless brunch

Since I grew up right outside New York City and have lived there more or less the past 6 years, instead of writing a full guide/itinerary to NYC I am posting separate food/drink/activity guides since there is so much to do in NYC! There will be tons of articles coming out for all of your traveling to New York needs! One of my favorite activities is getting brunch in Flatiron NYC area. The Flatiron District in NYC is a very central, trendy and bustling area of NYC and is my favorite neighborhood so it’s my favorite area to write about (and brunch in)!

Disclosure: This brunch Flatiron NYC guide may contain affiliate links. I may receive commissions for purchases made through links in this post. As always, all opinions are my own and I would never post about something I have not personally used/verified.

New York City Travel Tips

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The Smith

The Smith is always a solid brunch spot no matter who you are with, what kind of food you want, or the atmosphere you are craving. I always recommend The Smith to tourists when they’re visiting. With various locations around the city, their newest NoMad location is a few feet away from Flatiron and a perfect brunch near Flatiron option.

Friend of A Farmer

A classic brunch spot on Irving Place, probably my favorite street in NYC. Friend of a Farmer is always fantastic and has any type of food someone could want for brunch and is one of my favorite spots to hit for brunch in Flatiron.


Almond is one of the most accessible brunch spots near the Flatiron building, a location where a lot of good brunch restaurants are lacking. The food is always good and they have some great sidewalk tables in the warmer months. They also have a location in the Hamptons.

The Bluebell Cafe

Bluebell Cafe is another good brunch spot in Flatiron NYC. It seems to be more locals than tourists which I usually love, and their food is great. However, I am a huge coffee drinker (like 5x/day) and I really hate their coffee more than anything. But if you don’t drink coffee, this should be very high on your NYC brunch list.


Nur has made its way to be one of the top restaurants in NYC in the past year and for good reason. They recently started doing brunch and is a prix fixe at $40 per person and you get about six courses of Israeli/Mediterranean food. Everything is amazing. Also go here for dinner, it will blow your mind. MUST have a reservation far, far in advance. This is my favorite restaurant in all of New York right now (and has been for the past year).

nur new york city

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Follia is one of those places you walk by a million times but never think anything of it. I went to their boozy brunch three weekends in a row once because it is that good. The Follia bottomless brunch deal is solid, especially for the trendy Flatiron area, and the food is always good. One of my top recommendations for bottomless brunch NYC. PS: Get the Bloody Mary. $30 for unlimited drinks and entree.


Upland is a super trendy NYC restaurant that serves a good brunch. Obama went here. It’s not cheap but it’s worth it for brunch and dinner. I frequent here (especially with my parents). You must get the mushroom dish. This is probably the fanciest brunch in Flatiron but again, highly recommended.

upland new york city

PS 450

PS 450 is known for their rowdy boozy brunches during the weekend – so don’t come here for a chill brunch. It is a party each day of the weekend and you can’t go wrong. Definitely one of the most fun bottomless brunch in NYC. $50 for unlimited drinks and an entree.


ABCv is the newest of the ABC family (ABC Kitchen & ABC Cocina) and is their pure vegetarian restaurant. Their brunch menu is no different and packs lots of veggies into creative dishes that are amazing. They also have lots of outdoor sidewalk seating making it a great spot for Flatiron brunch.

abcv new york city


Barbounia is an extremely good Mediterranean spot, which Flatiron lacks for the most part. This is both a trendy parents crowd brunch spot or can be a lot of fun if with friends. You can add on unlimited champagne cocktails just for $20 to any of your entrees. For good food and flowing champagne cocktails, come to Barbounia for bottomless brunch.

La Pecora Bianca

La Pecora Bianca is an easy brunch spot to meet up with a lot of people and you don’t necessarily need a reservation. It’s a few blocks from the Flatiron building on Broadway. The decor is cute and bright and the food is good.

Tavern 29

Tavern 29 is one of my all-time favorite boozy brunches in the summer. The restaurant boasts 3 floors with the top floor being the best of all – a rooftop with plenty of long tables giving you all the drinks and food you need. While the roof doesn’t have good views (since it’s only 3 floors up), the vibes make up for it. Their bottomless brunch deal is good for the city and this is a solid spot to come for boozy brunch in Flatiron during the warm weather. The deal is add $25/per person to the entree you get for unlimited drinks.

tavern 29 new york city

Midwinter Kitchen

Midwinter Kitchen is my secret Gramercy/Flatiron brunch spot that I almost didn’t want to put in here. There are almost NO other brunch options in Gramercy as east as 2nd Avenue so Midwinter Kitchen is always bustling with locals. Their brunch is awesome and on par with some of the best in the city.


Boqueria has multiple locations around the city, including Flatiron, and is a great tapas spot. Their boozy brunch includes all the usual foods on their menu as well as a churros sundae (which is beyond amazing). It is $39 per person for unlimited drinks and the food. You can also order a la carte if not everyone in your party is drinking.

boqueria new york city


Clocktower is a fancy brunch restaurant with your typical brunch food. It is located right off of Madison Square Park…in the tall clocktower building aka RIGHT in Flatiron so its perfect for brunch near the Flatiron District! Go here for a nicer occasion.

The Crooked Knife

A well-known boozy brunch spot, The Crooked Knife also has a great deal in the area. With locations in both Chelsea and Murray Hill, they are both very close to Flatiron. The one in Murray Hill also has some great outdoor patio seating. $43 for unlimited drinks and entree.

Street Taco

Street Taco is a newcomer to the area, and a great one for a neighborhood which was in need of a solid Mexican spot. I have come here for multiple meals (dinner and brunch) and everything I get has always been amazing. Street Taco has one of the cheapest and best NYC bottomless brunch deals and I highly recommend it for a bottomless brunch in the Kips Bay area. Also get the brussel sprouts taco – seriously. $25 for unlimited drinks added to your meal.


Vamos! is a solid Mexican bottomless brunch NYC spot if you are with big groups. They take large reservations and the food and drinks deal is decent. Vamos! is a bit east, on 1st Avenue and 20th Street, but worth it for a group that wants to get rowdy. Their deal is also quite good – get five frozen margaritas/sangrias for $7 each and your entree is free. Pretty legit.

Big Daddy’s

Okay, I kind of hate to put this on this list because it’s not your typical NYC brunch spot, but Big Daddy’s is so good and has an irresistible unlimited drinks offer EVERY day. Big Daddy’s is a kitschy diner with spots in Flatiron and the Upper West Side. They have all the diner food options you can think of and then some. They also are known for their milkshakes which are incredible. But, their NYC boozy brunch deal is too stellar to pass up – just add $19 for unlimited cocktails to your (already ridiculously affordable) brunch meal…on ANY day of the week (not just weekends)!

Click on any of the restaurant’s names above to learn more or make a reservation!

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Recommendations for Hotels near Flatiron NYC

There are so many places to stay in New York City it gets overwhelming. If you are looking at this guide for the best brunch near Flatiron, chances are you want to stay at a hotel in Flatiron. Flatiron is right in the middle of Manhattan and has every subway, attraction and restaurant you could possibly need right there. Flatiron would definitely be my recommendation to stay in New York! You can

Book hotels in NYC by clicking here and read reviews for hotels in NYC on TripAdvisor here!

AIRBNB NYC: Obviously there are sooo many apartments in New York and plenty of residents rent out their apartments to Airbnb! There are so many cute apartments in Flatiron you can’t go wrong going this route either. Also, if you use my Airbnb link you get $40 off your first stay!

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bottomless brunch flatiron nyc

Did I miss one of your favorite NYC Flatiron brunch spots? Let me know in the comments so I can go there next! Looking for another US city guide? Check out my New Orleans Travel Blog or Charleston Itinerary! Head here if you are looking for my USA country guide

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taste porto food tour porto portugal

I visited Porto Portugal in September 2018 solo during my nine day trip to Portugal and only had two full days to make the most of the beautiful city. As a foodie, I knew I had to indulge in some traditional Porto food and I love a good food tour so I found the best Porto Food Tour with Taste Porto to help.

Disclosure: This Food Tour in Porto Portugal guide may contain affiliate links. I may receive commissions for purchases made through links in this post. As always, all opinions are my own and I would never post about something I have not personally used/verified.

After a short amount of research, I learned that Taste Porto was the best of the best in Porto food tours and I had to take part. Taste Porto is one of the most popular and well-known food tours in Porto and I can highly recommend. I’ll talk about a full travel guide to Porto in another guide, but this one is all Porto food related. Taste Porto food tour will allow you to try all of the best food in Porto in an efficient way. Keep reading to see all of the details that you will get on a Taste Porto food tour, including how to book the tour, each of the foods (and wines) you will try (and there are a lot), as well as the pros and cons to this food tour in Porto.

Taste Porto Food Tour Tips

  • Taste Porto has two different tours: Downtown food tour and Vintage food tour. I chose the Downtown tour due to my food restrictions but both are highly suggested and amazing. I loved the downtown one and the different types of foods (and wines) native to Porto we were able to try.
  • I chose the afternoon session and I’m glad I did because a lot of the food was heavy and not really what I would want in the morning. Also, Taste Porto is basically a Porto food AND wine tour, so be ready to drink (but it’s not mandatory!).
  • DO NOT EAT BEFORE THE TOUR!!!! Like within two hours of the tour. You are going to eat so much and so many different flavors. You want to be able to experience it all!!!! Definitely come with an empty stomach.
  • Dietary Restrictions: Taste Porto will accommodate all of your food and dietary restrictions, as they did for me (since I don’t eat shellfish or pork), just make sure you tell them far before the tour. They had special meals waiting for me and it was perfect. Don’t not go on this tour just because you can’t eat some of the foods because they will accommodate you!
  • My one and ONLY negative of the Taste Porto food tour was that it was all 50+ year olds. Honestly not a big deal at all, but as a 27 year old, it would have been nice to have someone younger to converse with similarly! My tour guide, Maria, was about my age so I talked to her most of the time. I did love that everyone was from different countries (we had some Aussies and Canadians on our tour), I just wish they were a little closer to my age!
  • Maria was an amazing tour guide so if you have any possibility of requesting a tour guide or can switch tours to be with her – go!!! She is so knowledgable and insanely passionate about the Porto food scene and will also give you recommendations on nightlife, things to do, day trips and more after your tour.
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Our tour began at a meeting spot smack in the center of the city, which was perfect because I got to hit some of the spots I wanted to see in Porto on the way to the tour. In addition, we walked by a ton of the main things to see in Porto while on the tour so it was like a double tour in one 🙂 You can also see some of the amazing Porto street art during your walk as well!

Taste Porto Food Tour Stop #1: Loja Dos Pastéis de Chaves

Our first stop is known for their amazing sweet and savory pastries. These come from the city of Chaves in Northern Portugal (hence the name) and are different than your average pastry. We tried some meat pastries, and while I’m used to sweet pastries, these were amazing! They were so flaky and light that it was the perfect intro snack into this tour.

Taste Porto Food Tour Stop #2: Bolhao Market

Our second tour brought us to the *temporary* famous Mercado do Bolhāo in Porto (also know as Bolhao Market Porto and the main food market in Porto). They are currently re-doing the original and will be open in 2019, hopefully. It was unfortunate we couldn’t see the real market, as it is supposed to be a true Porto experience, but they set up the temporary market to look like it, but it just doesn’t have the same feel. It still displays how much the Portuguese workers love what they do and the produce they are selling. Each of the stand owners have their own story and their produce has been in their family for generations.

We went to Store #9: Bolhao Wine House and had traditional Portuguese sardines with Moscatel do Douro wine and then a sweet treat made by the Grandma of the stand. This was my first time trying sardines and I was so nervous but they were SO good and now I am obsessed with sardines. The wine was INSANELY sweet, almost too sweet to drink. I think this was my favorite stop on the tour as I love visiting local markets in every city.

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Taste Porto Food Tour Stop #3: Flor Dos Congregados

The third stop was to a fancy Porto restaurant that actually looked like a hole in the wall. It only opened for us and they don’t accept reservations at night time. There are maybe 6 tables in the whole restaurant but fills up with lines out the door. This restaurant is family owned and one of the best known secrets in Porto. I loved the vibes inside with the underground walls. While I couldn’t have their famous pork loin or cured ham sandwich like the rest of the group, I can attest for the veggie soup I had as well as the sparkling Portuguese wine! The other guests said it was some of the best pork they ever had so I can confidently say this was THEIR favorite stop on the tour. It was my favorite for restaurant vibes.

Taste Porto Food Tour Stop #4: Café Guarany

Cafe Guarany was my least favorite stop on this tour. Not because it wasn’t a beautiful, old cafe that served amazing coffee (it did), it just wasn’t food and I really wanted to enjoy six food options. However, the coffee was amazing and Cafe Guarany is one of the oldest cafes in the city and most well-known for serving some of the best coffee in all of Porto, or as they call it, cimbalino.

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Taste Porto Food Tour Stop #5: Leitaria da Quinta do Paco

The fifth stop on the Porto food tour was at Leitaria da Quinta do Paco and was my FAVORITE food of the tour! This spot is known for their delicious éclairs that were really out of this world. I have never had such fluffy, light amazing desserts and I don’t even like cream or frosting. These were so good and the whipped cream on top was 100% necessary. Definitely add this place to your list if you don’t make it on a tour.

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Taste Porto Food Tour Stop #6: All In Porto

Our last stop was the most fun, I’ll admit, and was full of wines, cheeses and meats. Since I couldn’t eat the meats they also gave me Mackerel which was also delicious! They went into detail about which cheese, jam and wine to pair together and the combinations were amazing! I love cheese especially with homemade wine and I loved tasting these Portuguese pairings. All of the meats, cheeses and wines at All In Porto are from different producers around Portugal.

Find out more about all of these Porto food spots by clicking their names!

Final notes on Taste Porto Food Tour: Highly recommend! The tour was completely organized and provided a deep look into the special cuisines of Porto, not just what you see in the tourist spots. They took us to real, local spots so you can get the true traditional Porto food experience. I would recommend Taste Porto to anyone visiting Porto Portugal! You can book your tour right here!

*Thanks to Taste Porto for inviting me on their Downtown tour to learn about all that the Porto food scene has to offer and making this blog post possible! While I did receive this tour as a gift, my review and experience with Taste Porto is, as always, 100% personal and honest*

Other Porto Travel Tips


How To Get To Porto

Porto is the next biggest city to Lisbon and Porto and they have plenty of international flights (though not as many as Lisbon). You can fly direct from NYC and to many other cities around Europe. You can also take a quick 2.5 hour train from Lisbon to get here. I was in Lisbon first so I took the train there and then flew directly back to NYC from Porto. The train was insanely easy, clean and honestly a pleasure to take and travel through the Portugal countryside. You can book your train tickets here: Portugal Train Tickets. I went from Lisbon Santa Apolónia station to Porto Campanhã station, so that it was a direct train with no transfers. Book online ahead of time to get a cheaper price than booking at the station. The train only cost 25 euros. For the airport, the Porto International Airport is only a 15 minute drive from the center of Porto. You can learn more about visiting Portugal and getting around the country in my Portugal country travel guide here.

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Where To Stay in Porto Portugal

There are a TON of hostels and hotels in Porto for any budget – take your pick! I LOVED the area I stayed in and I definitely recommend staying right near Livraria Lello, it’s the best nightlife area and right in the center of the city so it is walking distance to every single imaginable spot that is on your list of things to do in Porto! You will not need Ubers at all if you stay in this area. 

Search Porto hotels on by clicking here or searching below. Find more hotel reviews on TripAdvisor here!

AIRBNB Porto: Many people also choose to stay in Airbnb in Porto because it is insanely affordable! I personally chose the hotel route for safety precautions since I was solo, but I would definitely recommend Airbnb if I were with friends! They’re definitely cheaper than the hotels around the city. Also, if you use my Airbnb link you get $40 off your first stay!

Porto Travel Tips

  • PACKING FOR PORTO: Porto’s weather is beyond amazing. I went in the beginning of September and it was a nice high 70s. It was very sunny so don’t forget sunscreen. For all of my travel/packing essentials I bring on any trip compiled together, head to my influencer page on Amazon for a complete list or my descriptive carry-on packing guide here!
  • TRAVEL INSURANCE: When visiting Porto, I highly recommend getting travel insurance. You never know what may happen to your flights, a death/personal emergency in your family, or an accident happening while traveling (think: getting mugged, falling while hiking and spraining your ankle, literally any accident than can happen ANYWHERE!). World Nomads makes it super easy and I never leave for a trip without getting their insurance. Most importantly it’s extremely affordable: get your World Nomads travel insurance before your trip here!
  • UBER: Uber is insanely cheap in Portugal around the entire country. I’m still not over it. Sure, I come from NYC with astronomical prices, but I have used Uber in plenty of countries and nothing compares to the prices in Portugal. You could go on a 20 minute drive and it would be 2 euros. It’s insane. Take Uber in Portugal!
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Don’t you want to do a food tour in Porto now!? Let me know in the comments! Looking for what to expect before visiting Portugal? Check out my Visit Portugal Travel Blog guide for more tips and my Douro Valley from Porto Tour guide here.

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