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Since I grew up right outside New York City and have lived there more or less the past 6 years, instead of writing a full guide/itinerary to NYC I am posting separate food/drink/activity guides since there is so much to do in NYC! There will be tons of articles coming out for all of your traveling to New York needs! One of my favorite activities is getting brunch in Flatiron NYC area. The Flatiron District in NYC is a very central, trendy and bustling area of NYC and is my favorite neighborhood so it’s my favorite area to write about (and brunch in)!

Disclosure: This brunch Flatiron NYC guide may contain affiliate links. I may receive commissions for purchases made through links in this post. As always, all opinions are my own and I would never post about something I have not personally used/verified.

New York City Travel Tips

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The Smith

The Smith is always a solid brunch spot no matter who you are with, what kind of food you want, or the atmosphere you are craving. I always recommend The Smith to tourists when they’re visiting. With various locations around the city, their newest NoMad location is a few feet away from Flatiron and a perfect brunch near Flatiron option.

Friend of A Farmer

A classic brunch spot on Irving Place, probably my favorite street in NYC. Friend of a Farmer is always fantastic and has any type of food someone could want for brunch and is one of my favorite spots to hit for brunch in Flatiron.


Almond is one of the most accessible brunch spots near the Flatiron building, a location where a lot of good brunch restaurants are lacking. The food is always good and they have some great sidewalk tables in the warmer months. They also have a location in the Hamptons.

The Bluebell Cafe

Bluebell Cafe is another good brunch spot in Flatiron NYC. It seems to be more locals than tourists which I usually love, and their food is great. However, I am a huge coffee drinker (like 5x/day) and I really hate their coffee more than anything. But if you don’t drink coffee, this should be very high on your NYC brunch list.


Nur has made its way to be one of the top restaurants in NYC in the past year and for good reason. They recently started doing brunch and is a prix fixe at $40 per person and you get about six courses of Israeli/Mediterranean food. Everything is amazing. Also go here for dinner, it will blow your mind. MUST have a reservation far, far in advance. This is my favorite restaurant in all of New York right now (and has been for the past year).

nur new york city

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Follia is one of those places you walk by a million times but never think anything of it. I went to their boozy brunch three weekends in a row once because it is that good. The Follia bottomless brunch deal is solid, especially for the trendy Flatiron area, and the food is always good. One of my top recommendations for bottomless brunch NYC. PS: Get the Bloody Mary. $30 for unlimited drinks and entree.


Upland is a super trendy NYC restaurant that serves a good brunch. Obama went here. It’s not cheap but it’s worth it for brunch and dinner. I frequent here (especially with my parents). You must get the mushroom dish. This is probably the fanciest brunch in Flatiron but again, highly recommended.

upland new york city

PS 450

PS 450 is known for their rowdy boozy brunches during the weekend – so don’t come here for a chill brunch. It is a party each day of the weekend and you can’t go wrong. Definitely one of the most fun bottomless brunch in NYC. $50 for unlimited drinks and an entree.


ABCv is the newest of the ABC family (ABC Kitchen & ABC Cocina) and is their pure vegetarian restaurant. Their brunch menu is no different and packs lots of veggies into creative dishes that are amazing. They also have lots of outdoor sidewalk seating making it a great spot for Flatiron brunch.

abcv new york city


Barbounia is an extremely good Mediterranean spot, which Flatiron lacks for the most part. This is both a trendy parents crowd brunch spot or can be a lot of fun if with friends. You can add on unlimited champagne cocktails just for $20 to any of your entrees. For good food and flowing champagne cocktails, come to Barbounia for bottomless brunch.

La Pecora Bianca

La Pecora Bianca is an easy brunch spot to meet up with a lot of people and you don’t necessarily need a reservation. It’s a few blocks from the Flatiron building on Broadway. The decor is cute and bright and the food is good.

Tavern 29

Tavern 29 is one of my all-time favorite boozy brunches in the summer. The restaurant boasts 3 floors with the top floor being the best of all – a rooftop with plenty of long tables giving you all the drinks and food you need. While the roof doesn’t have good views (since it’s only 3 floors up), the vibes make up for it. Their bottomless brunch deal is good for the city and this is a solid spot to come for boozy brunch in Flatiron during the warm weather. The deal is add $25/per person to the entree you get for unlimited drinks.

tavern 29 new york city

Midwinter Kitchen

Midwinter Kitchen is my secret Gramercy/Flatiron brunch spot that I almost didn’t want to put in here. There are almost NO other brunch options in Gramercy as east as 2nd Avenue so Midwinter Kitchen is always bustling with locals. Their brunch is awesome and on par with some of the best in the city.


Boqueria has multiple locations around the city, including Flatiron, and is a great tapas spot. Their boozy brunch includes all the usual foods on their menu as well as a churros sundae (which is beyond amazing). It is $39 per person for unlimited drinks and the food. You can also order a la carte if not everyone in your party is drinking.

boqueria new york city


Clocktower is a fancy brunch restaurant with your typical brunch food. It is located right off of Madison Square Park…in the tall clocktower building aka RIGHT in Flatiron so its perfect for brunch near the Flatiron District! Go here for a nicer occasion.

The Crooked Knife

A well-known boozy brunch spot, The Crooked Knife also has a great deal in the area. With locations in both Chelsea and Murray Hill, they are both very close to Flatiron. The one in Murray Hill also has some great outdoor patio seating. $43 for unlimited drinks and entree.

Street Taco

Street Taco is a newcomer to the area, and a great one for a neighborhood which was in need of a solid Mexican spot. I have come here for multiple meals (dinner and brunch) and everything I get has always been amazing. Street Taco has one of the cheapest and best NYC bottomless brunch deals and I highly recommend it for a bottomless brunch in the Kips Bay area. Also get the brussel sprouts taco – seriously. $25 for unlimited drinks added to your meal.


Vamos! is a solid Mexican bottomless brunch NYC spot if you are with big groups. They take large reservations and the food and drinks deal is decent. Vamos! is a bit east, on 1st Avenue and 20th Street, but worth it for a group that wants to get rowdy. Their deal is also quite good – get five frozen margaritas/sangrias for $7 each and your entree is free. Pretty legit.

Big Daddy’s

Okay, I kind of hate to put this on this list because it’s not your typical NYC brunch spot, but Big Daddy’s is so good and has an irresistible unlimited drinks offer EVERY day. Big Daddy’s is a kitschy diner with spots in Flatiron and the Upper West Side. They have all the diner food options you can think of and then some. They also are known for their milkshakes which are incredible. But, their NYC boozy brunch deal is too stellar to pass up – just add $19 for unlimited cocktails to your (already ridiculously affordable) brunch meal…on ANY day of the week (not just weekends)!

Click on any of the restaurant’s names above to learn more or make a reservation!

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Recommendations for Hotels near Flatiron NYC

There are so many places to stay in New York City it gets overwhelming. If you are looking at this guide for the best brunch near Flatiron, chances are you want to stay at a hotel in Flatiron. Flatiron is right in the middle of Manhattan and has every subway, attraction and restaurant you could possibly need right there. Flatiron would definitely be my recommendation to stay in New York! You can

Book hotels in NYC by clicking here and read reviews for hotels in NYC on TripAdvisor here!

AIRBNB NYC: Obviously there are sooo many apartments in New York and plenty of residents rent out their apartments to Airbnb! There are so many cute apartments in Flatiron you can’t go wrong going this route either. Also, if you use my Airbnb link you get $40 off your first stay!

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