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I visited Iceland for 6 days in September 2016 on a family vacation. I planned the entire Iceland itinerary from scratch for my family by doing tons of reading and research. Iceland, and the Northern Lights, have been at the top of my bucket list as long as I can remember. It was by far one of the most extraordinary locations I visited, and I am already dreaming about getting back there soon to explore the West and North coasts of the island. This Iceland travel blog post details everything to expect when visiting Iceland as well as guides and itineraries for the country.

Iceland Travel Blog: What To Expect:

Volcanoes, glaciers, black sand beaches, lava fields, waterfalls, icebergs, natural baths….you name it, Iceland’s got it. The terrain here is drastically different than any other country and there are so many different areas and types, a trip here is never the same. Driving around the entire South Coast from West to East we hit such vast different areas that each day was exciting and new. Iceland is definitely for the adventure-type, so don’t come here wanting to just relax – there is way too much to see and experience.


Icelandic Króna. Not to be confused with the Czech and Swedish Koruna’s. The coins say ‘island’ on it (meaning Iceland), just incase you have various country coins like me!


Icelandic. Literally everyone speaks perfect English here so it will be very easy to navigate.

How To Get There:

  • It is SUPER close from NYC (5 hours nonstop), so it is an amazing spot for a longer weekend trip if you are coming from the East coast of America.
  • IcelandAir: We flew IcelandAir from NYC and the airline was awesome. Not only that, but their best feature is their “stopover flights”. You can book a flight to various European countries (about 20 options from New York) and include a stopover in Iceland for up to 7 days! Which means you’re paying one flight to continental Europe and getting a second country in. I highly suggest this when visiting Iceland!
  • WOWAir: Budget Icelandic Airline that flights to Reykjavik non-stop from a bunch of American cities. Generally very cheap flights (and many sales) but check the baggage price add-ons and weight allowance. I have heard OK things about this airline.

How To Get Around Iceland:

  • #1 Iceland Travel Blog tip: Rent a car in Iceland. If you ask me, renting a car on your own is the ONLY way to do Iceland. I strongly suggest renting a car (through many of the well-known rental car services – Hertz, Avis, Enterprise, etc.) and getting a big 4×4 automatic car with GPS and WiFi. This is the best way to do Iceland. It’s not cheap to rent compared to America, but it is exponentially cheaper than all of the group or private tours from Reykjavik. This is definitely the most cost and time efficient way to do Iceland. It’s very easy to pick up your car at the airport in when you get into Reykjavik.
  • The alternative is staying in Reykjavik hotels as your home base each night and taking big bus tours each day and being in a bus/car for upwards of 5+ hours there and back each day. Not worth it. There are plenty of nice places to stay around the coast to maximize your time.
  • FLYBUS: Take FLYBUS to and from the airport to Reykjavik or Blue Lagoon (depending on your first and last stops). You can get your rental car either at the airport or in the center of the city so this will be dependent on how your days are planned out. Flybus is extremely easy and has drop-offs and pick-ups from almost every hostel and hotel in Reykjavik.

Other Iceland Travel Blog Tips:

  • Cell Data: I suggest getting a package for international data on your phone so you can use google maps when you drive around, if you don’t get a car with WiFi.
  • MUST BRING HIKING BOOTS. All of the glaciers, volcanoes, etc. group tours will not let you hike without real hiking boots. Not sneakers. These are essential for any Iceland itinerary. Buy a good pair and that way you will have them ready for your next adventure location (I just used mine for the desert in Chile!). Mine were super comfortable for daily use and perfect in all terrains (and waterproof!). You can purchase them here: KEEN Hiking Boots. Keen is one of the best brands in hiking apparel.
  • Track Auroras: This is the real site to watch to track the Northern Lights forecast in Iceland if you are visiting in the winter. Check out tips and how to see the Northern Lights in my Reykjavik guide here!
  • Iceland Weather: Their 50 degrees in September feels like New York’s 30 degrees so make sure to pack more layers than you think you’ll need, depending on the time of year. I promise, I was not prepared even a little.
  • Budget: Iceland isn’t the cheapest country unfortunately. Make sure to budget money to make the most of your trip so you can see everything and find out how to save money in Iceland!
  • For all of my travel/packing essentials I bring on any trip compiled together, head to my influencer page on Amazon here for a complete list or my descriptive carry-on packing guide here!





You really only need 1-2 full days in Reykjavik if you do it right. It is a great and cute little town to walk around and everyone is so nice. Read more about the best things to do in Reykjavik including what to do during the day and Northern Lights tours at night!


The South of Iceland has some of the best, most stunning attractions, is easy to do with little time, and has many locations for Northern Lights spotting! Keep reading for my detailed 6 Day Iceland Itinerary.


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