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I had high expectations going in to Mykonos, with my love for house music and little stunning towns, and I was not disappointed…Not to mention the sunsets while sipping amazing cocktails. And did I mention the parties. I have visited Mykonos twice (once in 2015 once in 2022) and lived to tell the tale. This guide will tell you everything to do in Mykonos in a long weekend (3 days in Mykonos is perfect), including where to eat, where to party, where to stay and where to soak up the amazing Greek weather.

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3 Days In Mykonos Travel Tips

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  • NOTE: Most of the restaurants, beaches and clubs in Mykonos are only open during the summer/shoulder months as it primarily shuts down in the winter.
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How To Get To Mykonos

  • My first visit I took the ferry from Athens to Mykonos which was super easy and quick and honestly quite beautiful. We took it from the Rafina port, which has more time options than Pireus. The ferry was about 2 hours with assigned seating, like an airplane. It was a really interesting experience as well as affordable (around $60). You can book your ferries here.
  • My second trip we flew directly to Mykonos from Tel Aviv. There are TONS of flights daily from Athens and many other European cities in the summer and this is great option if you are coming from far away and don’t want to spend hours on a ferry!

Mykonos Itinerary: Everything to do in Mykonos Greece


Explore Chora town

Spend a full day in Chora (the main town) and get lost in the alleys. The whole town is tiny but you can easily get lost roaming these streets, eating amazing food, marveling at the all-white buildings and blue accents and shopping in the stores. The shopping is incredible. The cutest boutiques you will ever see with honestly the nicest people! I did a lot of shopping damage on my most recent 3 days in Mykonos trip in 2022 and I love everything I bought! I suggest spending your morning and early afternoon doing this and eating plenty of good meals (eat gyro at Jimmy’s Gyro!!!) and ice cream in between!


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Mykonos Windmills

One stop you must make is on the top of Chora at the windmills – it’s an amazing site. Four windmills line the hill and you can look over the water and edge of Chora and Little Venice together. This is the most famous view of Mykonos. Sunset views here are also amazing.

mykonos windmills

Little Venice Sunsets

When the afternoon starts to come to an end, head to the Little Venice area (part of the town on the border of the water). This area consists of tons of bars that overlook the sunset. It is the most stunning view…and the cocktails are amazing, but they will cost you. There are a myriad of bars to choose from, and I suggest picking wherever you can get a seat legitimately on the water.  We sat at Scarpa and the drinks were amazing. Galleraki is another great option right next door. The sunset is absolutely perfect.


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Rent ATVs Scooters

Rent them for a day and ride around the island stopping at different areas like the locals do. There are many gorgeous beaches on the island that you can travel to on them. You can rent one from any beach or area in town.

Beaches: Best Mykonos Beaches To Visit

If you are staying in town and not on a beach, I highly suggest going to check out and lay at one of the famous beaches in Mykonos. Some gorgeous ones are: Paradise Beach (a party one, but gorgeous), Psarou (trendy, famous celebrity-heavy beach), Platis Gialos (close to town) and Paraga (one of most popular and crowded). You will find paradise at any of the Mykonos beaches.

Delos Island: Best Mykonos Day Trip

While I didn’t have time for this, I heard this day activity was amazing if you have more time in Mykonos. You can take a short ferry trip (30 minutes) to Delos Island which is known for its awesome archaeological ruins.

 Click on any of the Mykonos activities above to get more information!

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Where To Party In Mykonos: Best Mykonos Clubs (Day & Night!)

Ok so this is probably what you have been waiting for in this guide anyway but many people that come to Mykonos to party. Daytime parties nighttime parties until the morning, bar hopping, restaurants with breaking plates…. Mykonos party scene has it all.

  • Mykonos nightclubs: Mykonos is the elite party scene in Europe. No question. Generally the party area is on Paradise Beach. This is where the two biggest clubs are on the island for the nighttime, both making the top 20 in the world, Cavo Paradiso and Paradise Club. They alternate nights so not to worry, you can go to both. These clubs hold the top DJs in the world, so they do not disappoint. Do not worry, all of the bars in Chora town are also a huge party every night of the week so you can go out in town in a much more toned down bar instead of a huge club – highly recommend Caprice Club – the back opens onto the water and it’s amazing.
  • Mykonos day clubs: There are a few famous beach day parties in Mykonos. And by a few I mean a lot. Nammos, Alemagou, Principote, Sant Anna, Tropicana Beach Club, and, of course, Scorpios. Scorpios on a Sunday late afternoon into night is an absolute necessity. Make a reservation well in advance. It is stunning and massive and everything you want in a sunset club. All of these beach clubs you can also just eat lunch at so they are perfect for any type of person. 

Where To Eat In Mykonos: Best Restaurants in Mykonos

We went to amazing places for dinners as well as sunset drinks (mentioned above)! Greek food is amazing. You must, must, must make reservations at all of these places beforehand (as far in advance as possible in peak months!)

  • Sea Satin: If you want a party at dinner, this is your spot. Come here any night of the week and what will start as a chill, good dinner will slowly turn into a party into the late hours with everyone dancing on the chairs. Highly recommended. One of my favorite nights in my 3 days in Greece.
  • Interni
  • Spillia
  • Jimmy’s Gyros
  • Hippie Fish
  • Principote
  • Nikos Taverna: Traditional Greek food, definitely recommended.
  • M-Eating: Another option for great traditional Greek food.
  • Raya: Cute little restaurant overlooking the old port in Chora. Good breakfast food!
  • Nobu Matsuhisa: If you are feeling fancy. In the Belvedere Hotel.
  • Nammos: This restaurant is on one of the beaches, Psarou. It is one of the most famous (and nicest) restaurants and beaches in Mykonos. Go here for lunch. This is the beach all of the famous celebrities tend to go to.

Click on any of the restaurants above to learn more and book reservations!


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Where To Stay In Mykonos

  • On my first visit, we stayed in Paradise Beach, where the late-night (and daytime!) beach partying happens. There is a bus that goes straight into Chora and leaves every 30 minutes right from the hotel and only takes 15-20 minutes to get there, it was so convenient. The hotel was Tropicana Hotel and it was absolutely perfect for what we were looking for (2 people only) with stunning views and a balcony. While many other people would say to stay in the middle of town, I say otherwise if you are there to party. We much preferred to take a bus to and from town during the day as opposed to 2 AM from the club and back into town.
  • On my second visit, we were a group of friends and we rented a villa about 15 minutes from town and 15 minutes from most of the beach clubs and it was the perfect house and location. If you rent a villa or stay outside of town, you must must MUST hire a driver company, which you can easily find by googling. They were ready for us on demand whenever we wanted, multiple times a day and at any time a night. In our 3 days in Mykonos we did 17 rides total! It was so convenient and I promise you do not want to see the lines of busses and people calling taxis at 6 AM in the morning after the clubs when you just want to get to sleep. There are also minimal taxis on the island so this is a must.
  • If you are visiting Mykonos for the town only and not the clubs, then there are plenty of good hostels and small hotels located right in the middle of the town, check out some Mykonos town hotel options here!

Book Tropicana Hotel Mykonos here or book other Mykonos town hotel options here!

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