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There are some things I cannot leave home without when I leave for my trips. No matter long/short or cold/hot, I always have my staples. Check out what I always have on my carry on packing list for all different types of adventures.

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What I ALWAYS Have In My Carry On Packing List:

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hoodiepillow carry on packing listTravel HoodiePillow:

I am beyond afraid of flying, which is pretty ironic since all I do is fly. To make sure I’m as comfortable as possible, I always have my neck pillow. The HoodiePillow is my absolute favorite because it’s inflatable so you can fold it up and fit it in any size bag and then blow it up when you get on the plane! Serious space saver. $25. Buy here on Amazon


travel blanket carry on packing listTravel Blanket:

Going along with the pillow, this travel blanket is one of my essentials when getting ready for long trip. First, it keeps you warm on freezing planes. Second, it stands as an extra blanket when that hostel you are staying at has questionable bedding or freezing temps. Third, it folds into a pillow holder (space saver again), forming a pillow for you again when the hostel has questionable pillow sheets or you need that extra head support. $27.71. Buy here on Amazon


phone chargers carry on packing listExtra Phone Chargers:

Always a good chance you will a) lose your phone charger b) your companion will need one c) yours will randomly stop working. I swear by Anker phone chargers over Apple brand. Anker ones last longer, are more durable and more cost efficient. $9 for a 6ft long cord. Buy here on Amazon


luggage lock carry on packing listTSA Luggage Lock(s):

I always lock all bags i’m traveling with. It makes me feel better to have everything secure then to have something unlocked that may not be in my possession at all times. There’s always the chance that you will have to gate check your carry-on, leave it with hotel concierge, or anything else, and you don’t know who will handle the bag so I always bring a lock no matter the destination or distance. $12 for two. Buy here on Amazon


travel adapter carry on packing listMulti World Travel Adapter:

If you’re like me, you can’t keep track of which adapter works for each region every time you travel. This amazing Travel Adapter is a worldwide charger and has a universal socket AND dual USB charging ports and is an absolute life changer for any frequent traveler. $15. Buy here on Amazon


swell bottle carry on packing listS’well Water Bottle:

Ever since S’well came into the world, I’ve bought multiple. They’re really genius. I have all of the sizes and they’re great for different purposes. I won’t travel anywhere without the medium size since getting it. S’well keeps your drink freezing cold for 24 hours or burning hot for 12 hours, depending on the drink. I go to the airport with it empty and then fill it up after security.  You can put any liquid you want in it! I love all the colors they come in, too. I love having a cold bottle of water with me at all times, especially for warm destinations, so the S’well is a must! $35. Buy here on Amazon


beats headphones carry on packing listbeats headphonesHeadphones:

I always bring my regular headphones, which right now are my brand new Wireless Beats Studio3. I love the noise cancellation that comes with it, being able to blast my music, and the fact that they go over the ear instead of on it like the Solo3…these are so much more comfortable. I’m also obsessed with the Porcelain Rose color I have (pictured!). I also always pack my Apple Airpods (since they’re tiny and portable and good if the Beats are too bulky) as well as a third very cheap pair of in-ear headphones that have a headphone jack at the bottom of my bag incase my real ones ever break and to watch movies on planes (maybe one day the seat TVs will have bluetooth, too). You don’t want to be stuck in silence on long transportation rides. $310. Buy Beats Studio3 on Amazon here.


packing cubes carry on packing listCompression Packing Cubes:

These are a game changer and I am officially never leaving my home without them. They are serious space savers when packing, and you don’t even need a vacuum to compress, you just zip twice around and it flattens out. These exact compression cubes were recommended to me by other bloggers and they seriously are the best. This brand (Eagle Creek) is extremely reputable. While on the pricier side, I considered getting cheaper ones but I wanted cubes that wouldn’t rip and would last a long time and compress completely. These lived up to the price and they are so worth it. $38 for pack of 2. Buy here on Amazon


liquid containers carry on packing listTravel Liquids Containers:

Another new product I am obsessed with. I always struggle to fit all of my carry-on liquids into the little size bag. Between my liquid makeups, face wash, shower products, lotion, and sunscreen, I can’t fit it all. These liquids tubes are the game changer. They do not leak at all, even with products close to just water consistency. They are so small but fit more than enough; it is perfect for my foundation and primers, where I really don’t need the full 2 oz. bottles they come in and take up so much room. They are also perfect for holding pills and keeping little items organized! Humangear is a very well-known brand in the travel world and I recommend these liquids tubes to anyone who has lots of liquids. $8.43 for 3 pack. Buy here on Amazon


Emergency Essentials:

Medicines in every country are different. I always make sure I have tons of Advil and other medicines with me so that I am never caught in a bad situation. I also always have tons of Purell and Tide-To-Go with me since you’ll never know what kind of accommodations, public spots and people you’ll encounter.



Never know when you will need to fill out something super quickly to speed through lines (like customs).


Copy of important documents:

Never know when you may lose that important document (ie: passport). It’s always best to have a copy of your passport, visa, and any other document no matter where you go – I always keep 1 copy in my carry-on AND 1 copy in my checked luggage.


World Nomads Travel Insurance:

I get World Nomads travel insurance for my solo or group trips and I highly suggest the same for you. You’ll see every blogger raving about World Nomads and they are not wrong. The prices are very competitive and cover exactly what I am looking for, for short- and long-haul flights. I highly suggest getting travel insurance for any of trip, you truly don’t know what can happen and it’s nice to know that you will get reimbursed for any stolen expensive belongings, cancelled flights or medical help overseas, depending on the situations. Most things are covered; make sure to read the fine print. The small amount of money is worth it compared to possibly losing thousands of dollars. Don’t forget to print out your insurance and have it with you in your carry-on! Click here to get a World Nomads quote for your next short or long trip.  Or if you’re lazy… scroll down and put your information in right on this page to get an instant quote!


Have a packing tip/carry-on essential you can’t leave home without or think I would love? Let me know in the comments! Head here for my favorite travel gear & photography accessories!




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carry on packing list

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