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Since I grew up in the USA right outside of New York City and went to college in Louisiana and now live in NYC permanently, I’ve made my way to quite a lot of places around the USA. Therefore, I have broken this country out by urban cities and rural areas I have been to. I also have written a few posts on general adventurous activities in the USA (skiing, beaches, partying, etc.) and the best places to go for them. Keep reading on my guide for visiting the USA and its various awesome places!

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What To Expect When Visiting The USA:

I have lived in America my whole life (except for a brief stint of studying abroad in Prague in 2011 and then living in Israel in 2015), so it’s hard for me to speak to visiting the USA and what to expect. I’d like to say that the USA has the nicest people, they love visitors and that it’s an open and free country. Unfortunately that’s not the case. As the political tensions grow in the USA, visiting the USA becomes harder for minorities and even living here, even in NYC, one of the biggest and most diverse cities in the world, there has become an increase in tensions.

Of course this is different for every city, state and area. In New Orleans, you will find the nicest people in the world who LOVE tourists and love celebrating life and having people in their city. NYC not so much! We hate the congestion and avoid tourist traps. Regardless of these rising tensions, the USA should be on everyone’s bucket lists since there is SO much to do and see and you would need infinite trips to visit America to even see half the country. From New York City to Florida’s beaches to Texas BBQ to Las Vegas casinos and clubs to Los Angeles’ Hollywood scene to skiing in Utah and Colorado, there are millions of things in America to see and do for ANY person in the world! So while you’re visiting the USA, make sure you are planning your next trip to another state soon!


The Dollar (USD!).


English. The best part about visiting the USA is you likely don’t need to learn any part of language (especially considering you are reading this blog in English!).

Other Tips When Visiting The USA:

  • Meet American locals: Everyone comes from their own background and everyone, in each state, city, area are different. Meet the locals! Try to do local activities while visiting the USA, you will not be disappointed.
  • Safety while visiting the USA: Most places in America are safe, of course, but there are some cities that are worse off than others, and of course special cases in each. I have never felt unsafe in any city or state I have visited (and I live in NYC and have lived in New Orleans, which has a high crime rate). As long as you keep your wits about you, you will be fine! America prides itself on being a safe country.
  • WiFi: There is WiFi offered virtually everywhere in the USA, especially in all the big cities. For example, the public streets of NYC have public WiFi network and even have phone charging stations at intersections so no need to worry about being connected or staying charged!
  • Looking for some of my favorite USA spots? New Orleans, Louisiana. Austin, Texas. Charleston, South Carolina. The Poconos in Pennsylvania. Chicago, Illinois. Skiing out West in Colorado, Utah or Lake Tahoe. The Hamptons in New York in the summer.
  • Do your research on the best places to stay. There are some hotels outside of NYC that I don’t understand why people stay there – it’s literally in NJ, yet they advertise themselves as less than a few miles from NYC, which they are, yet it is wildly not accessible except by a train. Make sure you know the best location to stay at so you can stay in walkable areas in the big cities.
  • Packing: There are a crazy amount of seasons across the United States! Depending on timing and location, there are a lot of variations you may need including ski/winter clothes to bikinis and how to deal with humidity. For all of my travel/packing essentials I bring on any trip compiled together, head to my influencer page on Amazon here for a complete list or my descriptive carry-on packing guide here!





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