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*United Kingdom Travel Guide: Scroll to the bottom to head straight to my London guide (including a day trip to Windsor Castle)*

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I visited the United Kingdom in September 2016 while my sister lived there for work. While visiting the United Kingdom I spent 5 days in London and took a half day trip to Windsor Castle – which I highly recommend. Great Britain is an amazing place and I cannot wait to go back to London, to explore everywhere I missed, and to take more trips exploring the countryside. Check out the United Kingdom travel guide below to know what to expect! Still not sure if you want to go? Check out 5 reasons to visit the UK!


What To Expect When Traveling To The United Kingdom:

The best part of visiting the United Kingdom, at least from America, is its proximity. It is such a drastically different culture (and country and continent) than America yet it is as easy to get to as the other coast of the USA. London is pretty similar to New York in the sense of being a big city and you will find higher prices here more than anywhere else. Everyone here is extremely nice and I loved this bustling city. Going outside of the city to the countryside in the United Kingdom is even better and more gorgeous as well.


The Pound! The pound is very strong right now ever since the Brexit (writing this as of early 2017) so now is the best time to get over there for a visit.


If you’re coming from America you have it easy with the language but you will never get sick of hearing that amazing accent. Luckily it is all in English so regardless of where you are coming from it will be easy to get around.

Other General United Kingdom Travel Guide Tips:

  • Don’t forget your Student ID for some good tourist discounts at all of the most popular tourist spots in the city.
  • I love love love Virgin Atlantic Airlines. My favorite airline to fly, I wish they flew more places! Their customer service, fleet, food and more are top notch. Highly suggest flying Virgin Atlantic when visiting the United Kingdom!





I visited London for the first time in September 2016 while my sister was living there for work and I loved this large bustling city. While the weather wasn't great, I made the best of it trying to visit every single tourist spot. Read more to find out the best things to do in London, England!


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