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What To Expect When Visiting France

French people are often given a bad rep. They are mean, pushy and rude. I found all this to be true on my visit to France, honestly, yet I still loved the country so much. You really can’t not like Paris. France is a stunning country from the countryside into the city. Just expect French people to be more curt to you than locals are in other countries and you won’t be upset. They have a short patience and I did find it difficult when the language barrier was strong. For the most part of my time visiting France, though, I didn’t have an issue. As long as you know going in you are good!

France Currency

The Euro. While France’s currency used to be the Franc, it has now been on the Euro since 1999 which makes it easy for traveling within and from Europe!

France Language

French, duh! I love listening to this romantic language even though I can’t understand it. Most people in Paris though do speak English so you should be okay, but I still recommend learning some basic French, I did run into some language barriers while traveling alone and eating at small local restaurants!

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Other Tips For Visiting France

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  • Read this guide for a detailed list of the best souvenirs to buy when visiting France.

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