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What To Expect When Visiting Spain:

  • I have visited four different cities in Spain and each time it is drastically different which is why I love this country so much. Between all four cities they each hold a different culture and experience and I still have yet to see half the country!
  • In each city, I have never had a bad encounter nor someone that didn’t speak a little bit of English. Spaniards are notoriously nice and fun and you will have a great time in any destination in this amazing country. Visiting Spain is one of my favorite countries to go to and I have plenty more Spanish cities lined up to visit.


The Euro! Makes it easy for traveling around and through Europe.


Spanish, duh! If you know any basic Spanish you will be good. If not, I highly suggest learning the basics before you go just to familiarize yourself since its such a widely spoken language across the world!

Other Tips When Visiting Spain:



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