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Santorini surpasses Mykonos and any other place I have ever been on its beauty and I have never seen anything like it. The cities are on huge cliffs and the views are absolutely breathtaking. Keep reading to find out what to do in Santorini, Greece!

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Like Mykonos, we took a 2 hour ferry to Santorini which was quick, easy and cheap ($55). This ferry had an open deck and not assigned seating and the views were gorgeous! You can also fly here from Athens and other select European countries.


The two main towns are Fira (Thira) and Oia. Fira is more residential with many hotels and where I suggest staying. Oia is the sunset town, and stunning. Of course there are plenty of gorgeous villas here as well, but not as much to do.


There are many gorgeous beaches in Santorini, which make for great day trips. You can take busses to pretty much anywhere on the island from Fira. I suggest Perissa or Kamari beaches which are both black sand beaches.

Wine Tours:

Santorini has great wine and the Santo Wine Tours is supposed to be amazing. Unfortunately, we did not have enough time for this and when we tried to make a last minute reservation they were all booked. You must make a reservation in advance.

Day Trip to Oia:

If staying in Fira, take an entire afternoon trip to Oia. You can take a bus here from Fira, which takes about 30 minutes and costs 1.6 Euros. It has the cutest little town, all along the water, with stunning views on top of the cliffs. The little alleys are lined with cute Greek stores for all your tourist souvenirs. There are so many gorgeous churches to look at and stunning white buildings with blue tops. And of course, the sunset. People line up for the best sunset views at least 2 hours before the sunset. I wish I was kidding. Make your way to the top point of Oia and you will see everyone standing and the beautiful view. Post up there until after the sunset and just watch the stunning beauty.

  • TIP: Instead of trying to get a dinner with a sunset view (unlikely), have dinner AFTER the sunset. It will be empty as everyone will have left and you will still get to enjoy the amazing food and views at night.

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There is an amazing hike from Fira to Oia that you can alternatively do to get there. The hike takes about 3-4 hours and provides stunning views. Highly suggested if you have extra days there and love to be active.

Day in Fira:

Fira is a bustling town with lots of shops, views restaurants and activities. You can spend hours in these streets shopping for anything you want, eating the best Greek food and riding donkeys. Fira also has a stunning sunset, so make sure to post up here on your other nights!

Donkey Ride:

Many Greeks get around Santorini on donkeys and you will always find tourists riding them up and down at the edge of Fira to the water. It is 5 Euros to ride them either up or down (one way) and is definitely an experience you must not miss. There is also a cute little dock and boats area when you get to the bottom.

  • TIP: Ride the donkeys DOWN the hill and take the cable car back up. Riding the donkeys up the hill hurts wildly due to the bumps and steps.

Fish Eating:

While highly ticklish, my feet were definitely smoother and cleaner afterwards! You will see many places around Fira that offer this service – choose the cheapest one for a little real-life spa service.

what to do in santorini santorini fish eating


Typical Greek food, here are some recommendations in Fira I loved!

  • Idol: Great breakfast and sunset view
  • Aris: Greek food with an amazing view
  • Apiron: Great sunset dinner view
  • Corner Cafe: Amazing crepe place for the morning! On the main street in Fira on the way into town.


We didn’t really go out in Santorini since Mykonos did us in, but I suggest Tango Cocktail Bar or Franco’s Bar!


I highly, highly suggest staying in Fira over Oia as there is much more to do! We stayed in Fira about a 2 minute walk from town. The hotel was called Golden Star Santorini and it was a perfect location and perfect budget hotel. The rooms were small but great for two people and they had a gorgeous pool in the back with stunning views of the ocean. Highly recommended Golden Star, you can book by clicking here!

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