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Everyone always asks me where I find the best, most cost-efficient flights for my trips. Below I lay out the best of the best flight search tips including where to search for flights, when to book, the best way to buy and more insider flight search tips!

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Flight Search Tips: Search Engines


My first destination is Google Flights. I love Google Flights because it aggregates quickly from all of the airlines, but more importantly, you can just pick dates, no destination, and see prices for going anywhere to go by using their map feature. If I have a destination in mind, I always look here first to see the general prices and what to expect before searching around.

NOTE: Google Flights does not aggregate Southwest flights, so if you are flying domestic in America remember to search this airline separately (Southwest is one of my favorites in the country).


I then turn to Skyscanner as it has a super easy UI and the best way to compare different airlines, time periods and destinations. Make sure to check out their flight deals as they are always running hot deals. Compare airlines, dates and prices all in one place with Skyscanner !


World's Largest Student & Youth Travel CompanyIf you are a student, STA Travel is a great option. They have student discounts for European flights and American Airlines and also an various student discount cards for other travel needs. Discounted Europe Airfare for Students Only


More of my flight search tips coming soon !